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Galipette furniture and the La Mite Orange blogger

La Mite Orange is a blog written by a mum from Toulouse. The name of the blog comes from Luc Besson’s “The Fifth Element”, and a competition amongst friends on a women’s forum to come up with a name. In a scene from the film, Bruce Willis is wearing an orange vest and describes himself as a “moth in a pullover” in the French version of the film. Result: the naming competition had a winner and the blog had a name! Our blogger from La Mite Orange, Aurore, shares her experiences and passions as a mother, talking about films, beauty, travel, music and pull-up nappies! La Mite Orange includes hints and tips as well as product tests on equipment for babies and young children. Today, Aurore is here to share her experience with Galipette furniture by answering a few questions.

The La Mite Orange blog presents Galipette furniture

Can you tell us a bit more about the La Mite Orange blog?

My name is Aurore and I’ve written the La Mite Orange blog for 8 years now. I use the blog to share my moods, little family anecdotes, my favourite things, films I’ve seen, what I’m reading, product tests etc.

How many children do you have?

I have four children, three girls and a little boy. They are 16, nearly seven, almost three and my youngest is 22 months.

How long have you been using Galipette furniture?

I’ve used Galipette furniture since my first daughter was born. She spent the first three years of her life in a Galipette bedroom. So I’ve been familiar with this brand of furniture for 16 years!

What type of Galipette furniture do you use?

I went for a chest of drawers with changer and a cot for my eldest daughter. For my youngest, I chose a simple chest of drawers and an evolving bed.

Nursery: quality Galipette furniture

What does the Galipette brand mean to you?

For me, the Galipette brand symbolises quality and style. It is made up of French products.

Is the fact the Galipette furniture is made in France important to you?

Of course! As far as I’m concerned, Galipette furniture that is made in France means ‘fairtrade business’. The fact that the products are manufactured in France means that the workers are treated with dignity and are suitably paid. That ticks my boxes straight away!

What do you find appealing about the design of Galipette furniture?

I like the fact that they are in an essentially classic design. The furniture comes in soft colours and shapes so that it always seems to fit well with a child’s bedroom. It’s not like typical caricature of children’s furniture.

In your opinion, what are the advantages of Galipette furniture?

The high level of quality and the fact the Galipette furniture can grow with your child, without a doubt. Take the Olympe cot, for example. It’s suitable from birth until the child reaches the age of 6 or 7. The quality of the furniture and the fact that it adapts so easily as your child grows is a major bonus. It means that you only have to pay out once, for quite a long time!

Olympe collection for baby’s nursery

Which collection of Galipette furniture appeals to you the most?

It would have to be the Olympe collection! The reasons are obvious. Firstly, the Olympe design is cute and stylish. Secondly, it’s a collection created in partnership with Moulin Roty, one of my favourite brands!

Do you have a particular piece of Galipette furniture that helps you bond with your children?

I love the Olympe chest of drawers. It looks great in a nursery, but it’s also suitable as your child grows up. I’ve added fun decoration to my Olympe chest of drawers, my own personal touch. My children love it.
I keep my children’s toys in the bottom drawer. It’s really easy for them to reach. They can play whenever they want, and they have taken it over. My children share moments of bonding around the Olympe chest of drawers!

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Do you have a particular memory relating to a piece of Galipette furniture?

I certainly do! I can clearly remember an unforgettable event that happened with our youngest. It was when we converted his Olympe cot into a bed! He was so happy and excited when he saw how it had changed. We struggled to get him to sleep that night as he wouldn’t stop jumping on the bed, and encouraged his sister to join in (our two youngest share a room). As parents, it was a tiring moment, but it was so funny to watch!

Baby’s nursery: advice from La Mite Orange

What advice would you give a mum-to-be for choosing the right furniture?

Based on my experience, I would advise a mum-to-be to buy one absolutely essential piece of furniture: a chest of drawers with changer. There’s one simple reason why: on average, we change a child’s nappy six times a day from birth until age three. So having a piece of furniture that helps with this is an absolute must-have. It’s partly to avoid backache, but more importantly to make sure your baby is always completely safe!
There is also another must-have piece of furniture: a cot. This is like a cosy cocoon for your child, somewhere for them to feel perfectly safe in their own space. It’s reassuring for parents as well as baby, ensuring your little one feels cosy and comfortable.

What would you say to a mum who’s thinking of choosing a piece of Galipette furniture?

I would say yes, without a doubt, she’s making the right choice! The main advantage of Galipette furniture is their durability. Galipette children’s furniture is timeless, and uses high quality, traceable materials. These are solid wood furniture that are made in France!

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