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The 16 March 2017
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Making sure the nursery is safe as baby takes their first steps

As parents, we quickly learn that our little cherubs are born adventurers! You therefore need to do some groundwork to ensure that your child’s expeditions are safe as well as fun. Your baby’s nursery can help them explore life. They have an irresistible desire to chew everything within reach, pull on electric cables, find Mount Everests to climb, want to get up close and personal with those funny holes in the wall where the electricity fairy makes the lights come on, and more! Your children are therefore faced with all sorts of dangers that we need to be aware of.


Electric sockets and wires, doors… watch those fingers!

Once baby begins to crawl and toddle, there are all sorts of dangers within reach. And your child has an absolute determination to test their limits, as well as yours! Here are a few simple ways to prevent any potential problems. First and foremost, you should install socket covers and hide electric wires from a lamp placed on a piece of furniture, for example.

Use door stoppers or soft-close systems to prevent trapped fingers… everyone’s done it at some time in their lives! So when you think about how painful it is, you can easily imagine what it must be like for baby’s little fingers which are much more sensitive than ours. Prevention is better than cure for your little angels!


Getting into the habit of keeping the nursery tidy

As a general rule, you will find that the nursery seems to be overflowing with toys as your little cherub has a tendency to spread them everywhere. Similarly, there tends to be piles of clothes everywhere – time for a big tidy-up! Take time to choose the right chest of drawers, wardrobe or storage drawer. Protect the corners of the units and fix them to the wall to avoid any items falling over.

This is a great opportunity to share a task in a fun way, set out a few rules and share some special bonding time with your child. Make sure your child joins in by showing them where everything goes, explaining carefully. A tidy bedroom will reduce the risk of danger.


Securely closed windows are safer than screens

A window is an opening to the outside world! It’s a source of natural light that piques your child’s curiosity and provides a different outlook to the nursery, maybe a tree swaying in the wind or a bird sitting on a branch. There are all sorts of entertaining things to see beyond this strange transparent rectangle. Little ones have an irresistible urge to touch them. The temptation is right there!

The first thing to remember in terms of safety is never to out furniture in front of a window. Also avoid positioning a chair, unit or any other item which your child could use to gain access to the window. The best way to be sure is to fit open/close systems to your windows, such as blockers or limiters.

At the same time, when decorating your child’s bedroom, you often want to add blinds. In this case, make sure that the cord used to adjust the height is high enough to avoid any risk of strangling.

Put these measures in place as soon as your newborn arrives. This means that you are ahead of the game and already have good habits in place by the time your child is able to get around by themselves.


Changing table: a great way to be permanently in contact with your child

Changing your baby is a never-ending process. So the changing table is one of the pieces of furniture you use the most! But changing a nappy can become risky for the child if you happen to be feeling tired due to the relentless pace of life that this little angel demands. Try to bear in mind that you must never leave your child unattended whilst changing. If you have to step away, even for just a few seconds, take baby with you. It’s best to get the nappies, clothes, baby wipes and anything else you need ready beforehand before starting this procedure that you will repeat over and over again. It’s worth taking a few precautions just to see that lovely smile once baby feels nice and clean.


Baby’s cot: a comforting place to be

Your baby’s cot is for sleeping in with sweet dreams, from the second you turn out the light and turn on the nightlight or leave the door slightly ajar to let in a little light from the landing. Your little ones sometimes let their imagination run wild, especially after a little bedtime story and a tender kiss meaning that it’s time to close their eyes. It really is a special time with your children, once you’ve checked there are no monsters hiding behind the cupboard or under the bed!

Lit bébé de la collection Olympe

INPES (the French National Institute for Prevention and Education in Health) sets out ways to put your child to bed safely in a bedroom ideally heated to 19° C (see the ‘Protecting your child from domestic accidents‘ publication). You should therefore go for a bed that complies with safety requirements. It should be sturdy and deep with a firm mattress the same size as the cot. Make sure you remove any soft toys and dolls to avoid any risk of suffocation. For the same reason, do not use pillows, quilts or blankets. Finally, do not let pets into your baby’s nursery, even if they’re been feeling a little neglected recently.

If baby sleeps in your room, don’t let them sleep or play on your bed to avoid the risk of them falling off. Your bed is not designed for babies so it’s not safe.


As baby becomes more and more active and mobile, they never fail to surprise us with their ability to explore the environment. They crawl, toddle, slide around, make movements worthy of a circus acrobat, roll and climb… and topple over, of course. They certainly give us a fright sometimes! With this in mind, you need to keep a close eye on your little ones, even though it’s lovely to watch their daring little efforts. It’s true that their adventures make you feel proud when they show such enthusiasm and perseverance to reach their goals. It can never be repeated enough: the number one safety system for little ones is you!

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