premiers repas d'un bébé
The 23 January 2017
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First foods to introduce to your baby

Once you are sure that your baby is ready to move onto solid food, it is essential to introduce foods that contain iron as this is needed for the development of your child’s brain. The best dishes contain meat, poultry, cooked egg yolk or well-cooked pulses. There are also cereals designed especially for children, which are very good sources of iron.

However, it is important not to shock the stomach to avoid colic. Should baby be suffering from a bout of diarrhoea, it’s really easy to change their nappy using our Galipette changing units. Food texture is still important, as baby could still choke on food that is too small, round or hard, such as sausages or carrots cut into slices, grapes, seeds or hard sweets.

The second reason why it is important to try your little one with new foods is because it is recommended to introduce new flavours by the age of 6 months, because tasting several new dishes will help prevent them developing certain allergies.

With this in mind, try to give them nuts, fish and eggs. At the same time, they should eat the same healthy food as the rest of the family or even special baby food, as long as you ensure there is no added salt, sugar or spices. The main thing is not to introduce more than one new food a day. Waiting two days between them makes it easier to identify any allergens.

What foods should you give your baby, and how often depending on their development?

The following table shows you what foods to offer to your little one and how often, based on their signs of development.



SITS UP WITH HELP 2 to 3 times a day* Pureed or mashed food and semi-solid foods.
SITS UNAIDED 2 to 3 times a day

Family food, small amounts of soft pureed food, without lumps.


3 to 4 times a day* Family food, diced or mashed with small soft lumps, crunchy foods that melt such as wholegrain crackers
WALKS 3 meals and 2 snacks a day* Roughly chopped food, more textured food, food designed for little ones, bite-sized lumps, finger food
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