The 13 April 2016
By galipon dans

Before they start school…


When you woke up this morning you had this feeling you’d forgotten something. We happen to know what it was. Your baby’s room still lacks that incredibly useful piece of furniture that could just change your life. What’s that? This little fold-down desk of course! What’s so special about it? It has three superpowers.


The first is that it acts as a treasure chest. It’s big enough to welcome bears and wolves (nice ones, obviously), rabbits and all the other cuddly toys that are part of the family. It can also hold all your child’s favourite toys, from cars, fire engines, pirate ships and tea sets to doctor’s kits, dolls and dressing-up clothes. The top is perfect for displaying pretty objects alongside a nightlight or lamp.


The second superpower is that it turns into a blackboard once your child is old enough to start playing school! We already know a host of cuddly toys who can’t wait 🙂 Until then, it’s a handy place for jotting down feeding or breastfeeding times, bedtimes – and what about baby’s height and weight?


The third and final superpower is that it turns into little desk in the blink of an eye. It can’t wait to hold all your child’s papers, crayons, felt, paints and modelling clay so that they can try out their artistic talents. It has been designed to fit into small spaces, so it also makes a useful occasional table.

Along with these three superpowers, it is also amazingly flexible – you can start by attaching it to your baby’s cot, then fix it to the wall when your child gets bigger.

And the cherry on the cake? It’s made in France.

Find out more details on this superdesk and where to buy it here !

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