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Wonderful little pots

The right baby food is vital for your baby’s health. It should be adapted to each stage of their growth and use fresh, natural ingredients so that they can gradually learn about different flavours. Starting today, we will be providing you with regular tips and great ideas for delicious recipes to tempt your baby’s tastebuds as they grow.

On the menu today we have tasty home-made meals from Comme des Papas, created by Arthur, Clément and Edouard.


Arthur, Clément and Edouard set out on their new adventure, Comme des Papas, in 2012. They are passionate about ensuring the taste and quality of fruit and vegetables.

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Perhaps you’re wondering what’s behind the cute name? Comme des Papas produces little pots of nutritious baby food with tasty recipes using fresh, organic fruit and vegetables from local producers in the Val-de-Loire region of France.


No, you’re not dreaming – fresh fruit and vegetables, all year round. How is this possible? Quite simply by sourcing seasonal, organic fruit and vegetables from local producers. So they come up with recipes that are adapted to the rhythm of the seasons and your baby’s age: 6, 8, 12 and 15 months. And the icing on the cake? All their recipes have been approved by a nutritionist.


How should the little pots be stored? They will keep in the fridge for up to 6 weeks. For cooking and preserving, Comme des Papas uses the pasteurisation method, which preserves the flavour of the ingredients.


Shall we take a look at the recipes? We have chosen a few of our favourites. Let’s begin with those that are suitable for babies aged 6 months and above. Savoury recipes include puréed butternut squash, carrot and oregano and purée of celeriac and sauted turkey. For dessert, you can choose from puréed pears with grapes and cinnamon and compote of plum, sloe, apple and Madagascar vanilla.


Feeling a little peckish? That’s normal 😉 For babies aged 8 months and above, the chef suggests spinach risotto with trout fillet and blended butternut squash with sauted veal. The desserts are the same as those for 6 months and above, but with the added sweetness of apple, clementine and cinnamon.


Once they are 12 months old, babies can enjoy the surprising flavours of crushed corn and sauted curried chicken or shepherd’s pie made with squash and sauted veal.


A little something for the road? How about beef with diced butternut squash, carrots and mushrooms?

Where can I buy them? Visit their website Choose a box of 8 savoury and sweet dishes for €36.50 or buy 12 for €39.50.

Enjoy! 😉


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