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The land of dreams is putting on a show!

Did you know there’s a boat that journeys to the land of dreams… Oops, our apologies, we’re getting carried away again. Today, we would like to have a look at baby’s trip during his sleep. You know what I mean, that moment when he starts to drift off, light as a feather, to the land of dreams. In a universe where tenderness, sweetness and tranquillity reign.

How will we do this? By bringing you little wonders to hang above his bed, so that your baby can see them whenever he’s in his bed.

PaigeAndPoppy BébéLoup

Aren’t these baby wolves to die for? When we laid eyes on them, we knew you absolutely had to see them. They were dreamed up by an American designer who makes them by hand and to order. In pearl-grey and grey-blue, they’ll match both baby girls’ and baby boys’ rooms. If you use your imagination, you can almost see 2 dancing! €87.43 excluding postage. Click here to order!

PaigeAndPoppy ChevronOwl

Check out these little owls for baby girls! From the same designer as the baby wolves. Made by hand and to order. Their pastel colours will perfectly match colours like taupe, beige, pearl-grey and white. €77.72 excluding postage. Click here to order!

MR LesCousins

Did you recognise them? It’s Les Cousins from Moulin Roty! They’re so cute! And on top of that, along with their friends, they play sweet music to soothe your baby and help him drift off to sleep in no time. €79.95. Adopt one here urgently!

MR JolisPasBeaux

Make way for the Joli pas Beaux, also by Moulin Roty. Their bright colours will certainly brighten up your baby’s bedroom. In addition to dancing and jumping when the mobile turns, they play one of Chopin’s Nocturnes. €79.95. Click here to go ahead and order.

MR LesPapoum

Go on then, one more Moulin Roty product, since it’s you! In the Papoum family, you’ll want the elephant, the lion, the hippo and the bird! Fly like a bird… These adorable Papoum characters dance for joy in the Savannah. Hard to resist their charm, isn’t it? Go on, we’re making it easy for you by offering them here for €79.95!

LePtitPapillon NuageFille

What if we could make it rain or make the sun come out? This adorable cloud and its rain of mint, cream and power pink colours for baby girls brings infinite sweetness with a little touch of magic and poetry. Inspired by nature and its colours, the young designer of this little wonder is French and lives in Canada. She writes little snippets of poetry for The Butter Flying, a brand enriched by her designs. Around €27. Click here to get this little gem.

LePtitPapillon NuageGarçon

And yes, we’ve also thought of baby boys. They’re also entitled to their little touch of poetry with this cloud and its yellow, mint and turquoise rain. The little silver and gold stars will wink at your baby through the night. The sandman will bring two dreams instead of one 😉 Around €27. Click here to get yours!

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