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Cute things from the land of dreams

What if we told you that magic exists? Since we didn’t manage to catch Aladdin’s flying carpet, we’ve unearthed the most adorable nightlights so your baby can slip gently off to the land of dreams. Hugs will be waiting for him.

 Monsieur Madame

Who doesn’t know the Mr Men? These little characters full of life kept us company growing up. With Pabobo, rediscover Mr Perfect, the ideal companion for baby boys. Reassuring and friendly, he makes baby boys feel safe. Little Miss Hug, a new character in the Mr Men family, is great friends with Hello Kitty. The latter has even given her the pretty red bow she proudly wears in her hair. She’s full of sweetness and happiness to share with baby girls. Both of them will sweetly light your baby’s nights. Plus: their batteries last for 11 hours and can be recharged anywhere thanks to their Micro-USB system. And since they don’t heat up, you can slip them under the covers with your baby! €34.90. Mr Perfect and Little Miss Hug just want to be adopted!

 Manège enchanté

We all remember our great friends Dougal and Zebedee from the Magic Roundabout. We’re reminded of them because the name of this nightlight is Magic Roundabout 😉 But why? Well, it’s because this cute carousel projects soothing lights onto the ceiling and even onto the walls whilst playing music! Plus: the lullaby and sounds of nature stop after 45 minutes. You can also activate Sleep mode, which means the nightlight will come back on by itself if the baby cries! Why yes, it really is magic. €74.90. Get yours here!


Ewan is this adorable sheep stuffed toy by Pabobo which is infinitely sweet. In addition to its sweet, soothing, reassuring glow, Ewan emits 4 low frequency sounds that the foetus can hear from its mother’s tummy. Just gently squeeze one of his 4 feet and you’re away! Your baby will be instantly soothed by a delicate harmony of sounds. How does it work? Well, each foot gives off its own intra-uterine sound combining heartbeats and little day-to-day sounds like the hoover, rain or even the harp. Bordering on genius, right? And since he’s mobile, you can take him anywhere! €49.90. In short: Ewan‘s the stuff of dreams. To get your hands on him, come and see us!


Hey there Barbapapa! It’s hard to resist this angelic, sparkling smile, isn’t it? Barbapapa is both reassuring and warm. And this is something Pabobo understands. There’s nothing like a mini-Barbapapa light to accompany your baby to the land of dreams. As he doesn’t heat up, your baby can cuddle him to his heart’s content! If you reach the end of his 11 hours of battery time, you can recharge him on his base or via his micro-USB port, depending on the model chosen. Super practical, right? He comes in two colours; pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. So there’s no reason to get jealous! €49.90. Get them here!


Watch out, there’s a cushion hidden in these 2 images. Can you spot it? This is the genius idea of Laetitia, a young French designer. Passionate about design, sewing and the stars, she makes pretty textile accessories for babies and children. This cushion is magic: it turns into a nightlight at the push of a button. You don’t need a magic lamp or a genie, just flick the switch operated by 2 batteries (provided) hidden behind the push buttons in the back. Fitted with 10 LED lights, the cushion doesn’t heat up and can therefore be placed on a piece of furniture or on the baby’s covers. It also comes in pink and blue, with or without liberty print. €55, excluding postage. Irresistible? Come this way!


Coucou hibou, coucou hibou, coucou hibou, coucou…” Do you also know the French song “Dans la forêt lointaine“? This little wooden owl by Haba is too cute! He can be fixed to the wall and gives off a soft, comforting light on demand. Your baby can sleep easy with this owl watching over him. You’re guaranteed to fall in love with this cute owl that will create a sweet, rustic atmosphere. €64. Do you like him? Come and take a closer look!

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