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Baby’s first bed

Set sail for the land of dreams! Your baby’s first bed is the first place they will get to know after the maternity ward. It should be carefully designed and selected and be in harmony with its surroundings. It provides a cocoon where your baby can thrive and feel safe. It will guide your baby into the land of sleep and dreams – so it’s very important 😉

Look no further! We have a wonderful range of cots and beds to meet your every need. Shall we take a look?

If you like natural, modern, contemporary styles, this is the cot for you. Isn’t it adorable? And the base can be adjusted to two different positions. You can even add a drawer whenever you want. What else? It can quickly be transformed into a starter bed when your baby is 18 months old and a junior bed after the age of 3! For more details click here.


Authentic, elegant and brightly coloured, this cot is something special! Have you noticed the curved lines? Does it remind you of something? Of course! It looks like a cradle! That’s because it is one 😉 It has been designed with a rocker and called the rocking bed. Ideal for mothers who want to rock baby to sleep with a lullaby! And once it gets going, the bed will gently rock on its own. You’re bound to love it! Find out more here.


This extremely practical cot has a changing table, small hanging rail and storage space that you can use 24/7. But there’s something else we need to tell you. Don’t be fooled, this cot with the soft heart and the mischievous look can be transformed at any time into a superhero bed with 3 superpowers as soon as your baby gets bigger. The superpowers are: a hanging rail with shelves, a storage unit and last but not least the power to transform into a junior bed. Are you still a little sceptical? Well as it’s you, here’s what it looks like:


An added extra is that the base can be adjusted to two different positions as your baby grows. Do you want superpowers too? Find out more here.


Do you like your home to have a cosy look? Never fear, we have the perfect style for you. With its two-material effect and Scandinavian style, this bed will look perfect in your home. Particularly because it has incredible powers of transformation: it can be turned into a junior bed when your baby gets bigger. And to top it all, the base can be adjusted to two different positions. Don’t delay, find out more here.


Have you decided you don’t want to know the sex of your baby before the birth? Don’t worry, we’ve thought of everything. This bed in shades of white and light grey is perfect. Its fine, delicate lines will transport you to a world of softness and light. And the icing on the cake is that the base can also be adjusted to two positions. Tempted? Check it out here.

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